Concord has a lot of masterminds inside its walls, and one of those masterminds recently created Concord’s AccelerateTM product.

Bill-WolfBill Wolf, Director of Concord’s Data Management practice, came up with the concept and originally designed the solution so health care payers could work seamlessly with the world’s most recognizable health care administration system.

Let’s meet this mastermind!

Hi Bill. Before we ping you with serious questions, we can’t help but notice you have a wide variety of interests based on items in your office.

What’s the story behind the “bobcat” you have mounted and this Shoot for Hope bobshootplaque?

There is nothing quite as satisfying as the sound of gunshots and the smell of gun powder. Sometimes you just have to blow stuff up!

And the peonies on your desk?peonies

I grow them at home, aren’t they beautiful!

So…a serious hunter with a soft side. Thank goodness!

Now let’s cut to the chase. Can you tell us how you came up with the master plan behind Accelerate? CC_Accelerate_Logo_fin1

We were continuously seeing data security issues for a large number of our clients and wanted to develop a solution that could be used by all of them.

Is Accelerate specifically geared towards the healthcare industry?

Our first release targets specific, packaged applications currently in the healthcare world.

Could it eventually serve a purpose within other industry verticals?

Yes, we have plans to include additional offerings beyond our initial product deployment within the health payer and provider space. The same concept can be used for any packaged application.

What are the most compelling reasons an organization should use Accelerate?

  1. It’s fast and efficient. A customized Accelerate solution can be delivered up to five times faster than it takes most companies to put a solution of their own in motion. Once installed, our solution is streamlined to reduce time spent provisioning data in non-production environments.
  2. It protects and optimizes investments in your health care administration system. You have investments in the health care administration system in two ways: monetary investment of software and the members you are entrusted to service. Keep them both protected with software that provides automated creation of data for non-production environments, while protecting member identity with obscured yet contextually accurate data.
  3. It can save you money by actually preventing the loss of money. Administrators will see reductions in storage consumption, IT costs and time to market – not to mention the legal fees involved with member identity exposure.

Are there different versions of Accelerate or is it a one size fits all deal?

There are two versions: A full Test Data Management & Data Privacy version and a version that only focuses on Data Privacy.

Can you provide details on the difference between these versions?

Sure, here is an outline:

– Test Data Management & Data Privacy –

  • Installation/Configuration of IBM InfoSphere Optim
  • Full sub-setting Templates for all tables in all subject areas
  • Framework and best practices for Integration with QA,Testing and Change Management teams
    – Includes full sub-setting selection routines and sub-setting framework optimized for performance during extracting
    – Includes starter set of regression use cases for sub-setting
    – Instruction for maintaining and adding use/test cases for client specific extracting
  • Custom configurable privatization routines for healthcare (PII/PHI)
  • Setup of jobs
    – Extract and Masking Cycle from production
    – Loading of one test environment for user testing

– Data Privacy –

  • Installation/Configuration of IBM InfoSphere Optim
  • Templates for tables with PHI/PII data elements only. Intended for “update in place” of masked elements.
  • Custom configurable privatization routines for healthcare (PII/PHI)
  • Does not include testing best practice, extract framework or sub-setting routines

Sounds like a pretty sweet product! Another thing that’s pretty sweet is the rumor you also have interest in classic, custom cars. Is there truth to this?

Yes, I do spend a fair amount of time in collecting, restoring and showing classic cars.

BillsCar-OnTheNews-PicByDon(1)What’s in your current collection and do you have a particular favorite?

So far I have a 1946 Chevy Pick-Up, a 1975 Corvette, a 1960 Plymouth Fury and my 1929 Ford Street Rod.

I have a lot of garage hours put into my 1929 Ford Street Rod so currently she’s my favorite.

Wow, she’s a beauty!

What accelerates faster, your Ford or the Accelerate product’s ability to securely capture, reuse and refresh test data?

It depends on the driver.

So when all is said and done, if an organization is worried about becoming another statistic within the world of data breaches, they should seriously consider investing in Accelerate?

Yes…because it’s the law to protect member data!

You heard it here folks, you may want to call Concord to learn more about and invest in Accelerate so you don’t become a news headline because of a security breach.

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