Concord Knows TIBCO

December 21, 2012

Interview with David Stansberry, Concord’s Vice President of Business Alliances.


David Stansberry – U.S. Pond Hockey Tournament, 2012

We recently sat down with David in his office to learn more about Concord’s TIBCO partnership as well as their additional alliances that can bring you more bang for your buck.

Hi David! Based on your office décor, it’s apparent you’re a big sports fan. Where did you go to college?

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Go Gophers! Do you think you could take Goldy the Gopher in a hockey shootout?



Speaking of winning shootouts, you seem to be on a winning path in aligning Concord with business partners that add to the already existing value of working with Concord. Can you tell us more about these partnerships and what they bring to the table?

Our business partnerships are an integral part of our growth. We are partnering up with world-class organizations and selecting best-in-class tools that we are able to mesh with Concord’s core expertise and provide huge value to their clients as well as ours.

Let’s focus a little on Concord’s TIBCO partnership. What does the highlight reel look like?

Concord is one of North America’s leading TIBCO alliance partners (one of the top 3 to be exact). We help drive TIBCO solutions to our end-user clients as well as help TIBCO better deliver their solutions through our implementation and ongoing consulting services long past the initial sale.


Do your TIBCO-partnered solutions benefit any one industry or are their multiple?

Due to the enormous change in Healthcare and Financial services, these industries have been very active in TIBCO-based solution deployment.  Industry-based EDI is a sweet spot for TIBCO solutions, which applies in a broad range of domains.

Can you provide us with some of the specific solutions you’ve provided to clients within these industries?

Healthpayer Industry
We have employed TIBCO software and the know-how to deliver a broad spectrum of solutions such as B2B EDI HIPAA gateways, ICD-9 to ICD-10 migrations, claims tracking infrastructure for a variety of health plans, claims system consolidations, benefits management systems, product and provider hubs, CMS compliant enrollment and eligibility workflow-driven applications.

Financial Services Industry
TIBCO solutions have been the center of key engagements we have completed in banking such as account master integration and reconciliation, wealth and trust applications, payment processing applications and customer service applications that require heavy integration with legacy banking infrastructure.

Are there any other TIBCO-centric solutions you’ve provided to clients that have given them a competitive advantage over others within their industry?

Concord has helped a number of clients in multiple industries through the implementation of consolidated order management for telecom, integrated merchandising for big box retail, analytics applications for oil and gas and underwriting composite applications for property and casualty insurance organizations.

Wow – those are some serious solutions! We have to imagine the list continues on if you were to include your other business partnerships.

Can you list out your other partnerships and which of Concord’s Practice areas focus on that relationship?

Concord Data Management

Concord Integration

Concord Management Consulting














Software AG






Media Beacon


So in a nutshell if you want something done right you should partner with Concord?

YES! As a trusted advisor for our clients it is a priority for us to know about and seek the best tools around that will only benefit our clients.

There are a lot of great collaborations out there – what is your favorite cartoon duo?

Batman & Robin


How about musical group collaboration?

Dave Mathews Band – their simultaneous use of multiple instruments is amazing. There is certainly a lot of talent within that group.


What’s on the dock for 2013? Can we expect to hear about new partnerships or will you focus on strengthening the current business alliances you have?

At Concord we are always looking for the next big thing. While a large portion of our focus will be on our existing partnerships we are expecting to add one or two more to the table. Especially those within the Big Data space.


Well there you have it folks. Sounds like if you really want to drive your business value you need to learn more about Concord!

If you have interest or want to be included on communication about partnership seminars, webinars and other events email to be included in communication updates.