Hi David, thanks for taking the time to sit down for this interview! Let’s get right into it.

1. It’s been noticed that you have a very trendy shirt collection. Where can one purchase some of these shirts?

I kind of got tired of looking like a grocery bag and wanted some updates to my wardrobe. Coincidentally, I ran into a vendor from Amazon.com and was introduced to the Joe Browns clothing line. I fell in love with it and went on a serious shopping spree. Currently, I own most everything from the exiting season’s line and don’t have any plans to change my shopping habits or location anytime soon.

David Cyr – Concord Integration Architect and complETE Software Guru

Excellent – now we all know your shopping secrets.

2. Now onto more important matters, is it true that Concord has created a sweet software product called complETE? If so, can you please give us your most technical description of the product?

It is a tool that supports end-to-end transaction trending and transaction analytics with add-on capability for logging, error handling and payload analysis.

3. Woah…Now how about if you were Dr. Seuss?

Okay, that’s a quirky question that merits some careful thought… how about:

If a transaction is running and it needs to do a sort;
And it calls out to a service but it cannot hit the port;
And the workflow is corrupted and the server goes ABORT!
Then complETE and its rule engine has an error to report.

4. How about in one word?

It’s a tie between visibility and insight.

ComplETE is all about letting you see what’s actually going on within your business transaction infrastructure. A lot of times, you suspect there’s a problem somewhere… or somebody calls and tells you something is slow (with varying degrees of accuracy in their description). It’s great to actually be able to look at your critical transaction types and see which ones are having SLA problems, as well as where (within the flow from request to fulfillment) the problem actually is.

5. What’s the deal with the capital “ETE” on the end of complETE?

The ETE is meant to emphasize the end-to-end nature of the tool which is what complETE uniquely brings to this niche.


6. Who would benefit from using the complETE software product and how?

In my mind, it is really something that benefits solution architects and application owners. These individuals really need visibility into the transactions they are responsible for and complETE gives an end-to-end/node-by -node breakdown of what is going on in the day in the life of their transactions.

7. You mention the word transactions a lot – what do you mean by that?

In the context of complETE these are business transactions. Not ACID or BASE transactions but actual ‘business meaningful‘ transactions.

For example: an inquiry to retrieve a 360 degree portrayal of a customer-related process that might span multiple systems across the entire enterprise.

8. Can complETE be used across multiple industries or are there specific industries it benefits more than others?

The problem space is cross-industry. Over the years systems have gotten more complex with more moving parts, and complETE really helps see individual contributions to the fulfillment of a transaction.

Industries such as finance, retail banking, health payer/provider, retail, manufacturing, etc. would all benefit greatly from the complETE tool.

9. What do you think the coolest feature of complETE is?

I love the drill down of the trending graph to the instance tab that actually shows individual transactions that make up that point on the graph.

10. Does complETE have any UI (User Interface) driven components?

Yes, the complETE dashboard itself as well as its sister products – the SOA Tester/Workbench and Deployment Manager.

11. Those sound pretty impressive; can you shed some more light on them?

i. SOA Tester/Workbench – this is somewhat similar to soapUI (an Open Source Functional Testing tool) but it supports a much wider range of transports including FTP, JMS, MQ Series and a whole lot more. This can benefit ANY development effort.

ii. Deployment Manager – this is a tool designed to aid in the administrative burden of managing a large TIBCO deployment infrastructure.

12. You mention TIBCO, is the Deployment Manager specific to only this space?

Currently yes, it is TIBCO-centric. Concord is a business partner that has strong plays within the Integration space and fairly deep market penetration.

But that’s not to say we will always be limited to this space.

13. What would the main benefit of complETE be to an organization?

It provides the organization with an end-to-end perspective on business transactions and their performance. You can literally see every component of a transaction and pinpoint where it goes awry.

To really know what is going on is a lot better than flying blind and guessing what the problem is. If an organization cannot quantify the problem then they don’t really understand it to begin with.

14. If complETE were a superhero what one would it be?

How about a super power instead? X-Ray vision all the way!

15. Concord seems like a pretty smart company. Do you think it will come up with any cool, new products in the future?

Being that we are a company filled with field practitioners dealing with real problems on the client side, I think it’s inevitable that we will find more pain points within these organizations that need to be addressed with reusable solutions.

Oh Concord, the Places You’ll Go!


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