Big Data…Is It A Fad?

June 15, 2012

Big Data is not a fad; it enables companies to solve complex analytics problems like never before. Consider how the following problems would have been addressed before Big Data:

  • Wireless telecom up-selling more minutes to customers in real time triggered by overages to monthly allocation
  • Health payer isolating low performing providers in terms of quality of care, outcomes and overall cost
  • Retailer enabling real-time personalized offer generation for customers
  • Retail Bank determining custom churn propensity and customer purchase propensity

We believe in telling the whole story around Big Data.  And the whole story is that in order to be able to do Big Data, there is a lot of trench digging that needs to happen. Read on…

What is Concord doing in Big Data?

Ask around and you will find that 95% of the interest in Big Data is in Analytics.  It makes sense, right?  Analytics is the main reason for embarking on a journey down the Big Data highway. 

But, 95% of the work in Big Data is ensuring you have good data from which to draw those Analytics.  Most of our clients don’t have good data.  They could hire an army of “Data Scientists” to do “Predictive Analytics” and provide true “Business Intelligence” and still end up with an unimpressed business unit.  You can’t create something from nothing.  And if you don’t have good data, you have nothing.

Concord does the hard work: we help you get the good data.  And then we apply our Analytics expertise.  A Big Data solution is not a solution if it isn’t factoring in the bulk of the work – the 95%.

How does Concord define Big Data?

The cop-out answer to that question is: Big Data means “lots of data.”  In fact, most sales persons who work for the big shops define it this way.  They also apply the nifty Analytics lingo to it and – presto – we’re talkin’ Big Data.

No.  Not in our book.  Big Data solutions need to involve Analytics against at least two of three very different concepts:

  1. Large Volumes of Data
  2. Unique Types of Data (e.g. structured, un-structured and semi-structured)
  3. Data in Motion (access to real-time data)

If you are doing Analytics against data that share at least two of the above characteristics, then, in our book, you are doing a Big Data solution.

How can Concord help?

We can help you with the Analytics.

We can help you get the good data.

We won’t bore you with all the flash around Analytics.  Go check out any “big data partner” website and you will see all of it.

Instead, let’s talk about getting you the good data.  This is our differentiator.  We can:

  • Get you access to all sources of batch data
  • Get you access to any real time data
  • Get your data profiled, cleaned, matched, and de-duped

Most of our clients ultimately want to draw analytics from multiple sources of data.  They would love to leverage structured, un-structured and semi-structured data.  And, they would love to leverage data in motion – real time data that may or may not need to be warehoused.  Our clients want real big data solutions and are not fooled by the “Data Scientist” pitch. 

What expertise do we bring to the table?

  • Lucene/Solr
  • Hadoop/Pig/Hive/JAQL/Cassandra
  • Temporal Data
  • Rules Engine technology
  • Streams/BigInsights/Neteeza
  • Greenplum/Chorus
  • IBM/TIBCO/Software AG SOA webMethods SOA and Message Bus platforms
  • Pega/WPS(Lombardi)/TIBCO AM BPM/Software AG webMethods BPM
  • DB2/IMS/UDB/SQL Server/Sybase/Terradata/Informix/Oracle
  • Informatica/Datastage/SSIS for ETL
  • Data Retirement
  • MDM/Hub/ODS
  • Data Architecture/Data Modeling/Data Analysis
  • Integration Architecture/Enterprise Integration/SOA
  • Structured Methodology for Application Development and Integration

For more information on Concord’s Big Data expertise send an email to or call 952.241.1090.