Does your organization have redundant or outdated technology that is no longer delivering business value as a result of a merger or acquisition or not making appropriate investments in technology?

Whether your organization is faced with the need to sort critical business data scattered among several application instances; needs to consolidate and decommission applications and simplify supporting IT infrastructure to eliminate redundancy and lower costs; or needs to retain production data from decommissioned systems in a compressed state; Concord Blue can solve these common challenges and greatly improve your organizations efficiency.

Concord Blue understands best practices surrounding data application portfolios and can help determine whether these applications are delivering maximum value, storage and convenience for your business.

How We Succeed:
Concord Blue’s resources have extensive data management experience. We are certified in “Best in Class” tools and are collectively trained in all products within IBM’s Information Management portfolio.

Additionally, we are subject matter experts in Data Management, Quality Assurance, Business Architecture, Integration, Management Consulting and Cloud Computing.

Process (Methodology):
The key to any successful consolidation or decommissioning project is careful planning and assessment. A Concord Blue recommended best practice is one that prioritizes an organizations need to evaluate application portfolios regularly in an effort to determine whether their investment is delivering maximum business value. “Domain Inventory.”

Our process ensures organizations have access to historical business data and we will work with them on critical data that must be retained.

Industries Served:
Through our understanding of the business and seasoned bench of experts we are able to create long-term relationships and become a trusted advisor to organizations within the following industries:

• Healthcare (payer and provider)
• Financial (banking and investments)
• Insurance

Concord Blue Solution
Concord Blue’s Decommissioning and Application Retirement Solution is a full-lifecycle, integrated data management strategy that includes proven database archiving capabilities. We will preserve the business context of archived data and provide access capabilities to ensure fast and easy retrieval for research and reporting. Concord Blue has helped numerous clients implement data decommissioning systems to extract and store data for offline retention.

Data access is crucial, especially as the subject matter expertise and knowledge of the source system wanes over time. Concord Blue is experienced in defining the most appropriate methods for querying data and ensuring it is live and available to business users in response to needs of legal audits or historic trends.

Based on business value and access requirements, Concord Blue will recommend and implement appropriate storage strategies to lower costs throughout retention periods.

Industry Experience:
Our experience includes project management, technical architecture and development by staff with years of experience in multiple database technologies (IMS, VSAM and relational) across multiple platforms (IBM 370, UNIX and Windows). Through our understanding of the business and seasoned bench of experts we are able to create long-term relationships and become a trusted advisor to organizations within the healthcare (payer and provider), financial (banking and investments), insurance, retail, distribution and manufacturing industries.
Additionally, Concord Blue has extensive experience and a record of accomplishment that includes the following:

• Experience within several industries and vast knowledge of rules, regulations and compliance guidelines (Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, PCI, FDIC, etc.).
• Knowledge in streamlining process flow (chain of custody data experience) from project start to end.
• Proven expertise in architecting, developing and servicing searchable and user friendly databases.
• Skill in the development of common enterprise infrastructures for archived data.
• Building factory database models compliant with FDIC regulations providing the ability to pull current or past data records at any time.
• Creating the ability for organizations to use multi-platform databases (Mainframe, Sequel Server, Oracle, etc.).
• Knowledge in Information Lifecycle best practices for archiving and an overall data management strategy that
has facilitated consolidation and decommissioning to help enterprise clients achieve business goals.

As a value-added reseller of IBM’s Optim Decommissioning product, we will improve your organization’s efficiency as well as deliver pre- and post-sale consultative services to customers, including installation, configuration, performance tuning, application development and customizations. Our standards are set high and we have developed the expertise necessary to provide our clients with the highest level of service and “world class” solutions. Not only do we provide the resources and the tools, we also offer the service of purchasing hardware as a result of Decommissioning/Application Retirement Solutions.
The Concord Advantage: Proven process and proven results, from experienced staff in partnership with our clients.

About Concord Blue:

Concord Blue is a Premier IBM Business Partner and a division of Concord, a nationwide leader in providing complex IT consulting solutions to companies needing advanced technology delivery. Concord specializes in core practice areas including: Data Management, Integration Architecture, Quality Assurance, Management Consulting and Cloud Solutions.

As a value-added reseller of IBM’s Information Management software products, Concord Blue is committed to delivering solutions surrounding Data Growth, Archiving, Test Data Management, Data Privacy and Decommissioning. Concord is a leader in solving the key data management issues facing companies today. We are confident your engagement with Concord Blue will increase bottom line return for both you and your clients.

David Stansberry