I had the pleasure of working closely this summer with 2009 Concord Foundation scholarship recipient, Joey Johnson. Joey has a fortitude not demonstrated by many other sophomore college students, and his positive attitude is contagious.

Joey was one of three Concord Foundation recipients last year, and spent his summer inside Concord working diligently on an internal Cloud Infrastructure project utilizing Salesforce.com. Concord Foundation was initially established to provide not only college scholarships, but also career growth opportunities to kids in our community who might not otherwise have such opportunities.

A friend of mine once said, “We’ve all been down. The strong among us have picked ourselves back up and tried again with a clenched smile and renewed determination. Sometimes though even the strong can’t pick themselves up and they need help. Help is a gift. In order for a gift to be truly appreciated it needs to be given freely without expectation and accepted graciously for then it is a liberating and uplifting experience for both parties.”

I think at Concord, we all thought we were really giving a gracious gift, and with the support of many personal financial contributions, we have. But I think this summer we also received an unexpected gift from Joey, of youthful exuberance, of determination and of friendship. Thanks buddy, see ya next summer!

I had the chance to sit down with Joey, and dive a bit deeper into what defines him as a person, what makes him happy, and his time spent here at Concord.

What were you up to this summer?

Grinding! Working hard at Concord and Village Shores nursing home getting finances right for the next school year! If I’m not working, then I’m usually just outside enjoying the weather!

Concord is full of ex-collegiate athletes; what was the best lesson you learned playing college football?

You’ve got to have patience; growth and development take time.

What was the best life advice you’ve ever been given, and by who?

“Nothing ever goes as planned, that’s life! So expect the unexpected and turn the negatives into positives.” –Village Shores Resident

What was the worst?

I’ve forgotten it already

Tell me about your family, how many brothers & sisters, where do you fit in?

I come from a small family, two sisters, a mom and a dad. One of my sisters is older and the other is younger, which puts me in the middle of it all.

How would your sisters describe you?

If they were to describe me, they’d probably say I’m a really good mediator.

How would your friends describe you?


Who logged the most work in Salesforce this summer, you or [’09 Concord Foundation Recipient & Intern] Emma Pratt?

This a real question? They call me the beast!

Could you beat Jim Van Bergen in arm wrestling, ala Stallone in Over the Top?



What’s been the most fulfilling part of working for Concord this summer?

Getting to know everyone, learning their stories and making connections.

What about the worst?

Probably those really bad pistachios from Mills Fleet Farm!

Umm, gross. So what are you listening to right now?

Wiz Khalifa. A young artist from Pittsburgh that I’ve been following for a couple years, who actually just signed a major record deal.


East Coast or West Coast?


What do you love about East Coast hip hop?

East Coast hip-hop has meaning, its deep, descriptive and gritty. East Coast has some of the hardest cities to grow up in. For these rappers to escape their environment and create music from their experiences is inspirational.

Econ or Art History?

Art History

Pistachios or Spicy Southwestern Mix?

Southwestern Mix for sure!!!

How has Concord prepared you for the upcoming school year?
My typing skills are at their peak. Amazing what data entry can do!

What kind of liberties will be afforded to you now that you’re no longer a Freshman?

A personal bathroom!

What do you do when you’re not jamming on Salesforce for Concord?

Usually interviewing employees at Concord, taking pictures for our new photo directory, or just hanging out with Callie, Lauren, Brea or Whitney.

Why doesn’t Augsburg have a school mascot?

Hahaa we actually do! It’s the Auggie!


I know, but that’s not really a real thing. If you were selected to designate a school mascot, what would it be?

If I could pick it.. we’d be the Augsburg Burgers??

Concord Owner Stu Nutting wrestled for Augsburg. Have you also been photographed shirtless on a horse holding a weapon for promotional athletic materials?

We’ll see how this year goes! Ill try and make Stu proud.

Best Movie you’ve seen this summer?



You do love Leo, don’t you. Best thing you ate this summer?

Double stuffed chicken Chipotle burrito!

Hmm, clearly we need to take you to lunch with us more often. What will the transition from Office to Classroom be like for you?

I guess we’ll see in my Blog. http://joeyjohnson09.wordpress.com/

Nice plug, you can’t teach that…What will you miss the most about Concord?

How laid back it is around here, there isn’t another place like it.

Favorite non-Facebook Website?

Worldstarhiphop.com – Hip hop news and music.

We’ll miss you when you leave us, please come back and visit. Which Concordian will you miss the most?

Callie. She’s always been there for me and has done a great job keeping me busy all summer! Brea and Lauren, too! Thank You!

And the least?

I think I’d like to keep all my connections!

Smart kid.