In the Clouds, Literally

September 27, 2010

Good evening folks.  So, I found myself aboard a Delta flight this past weekend bound for Tucson.  I spent some time on the golf course with a few high school buddies and watched my beloved Iowa Hawkeyes take one on the chin Saturday night courtesy of the Wildcats.  The golf was pathetic, the football was Pop Warner at best, and in case you were wondering, the desert is still hot.

The highlight of the trip, oddly enough, was the flight to and from Tucson.  This was my first experience using in flight Wi-Fi and I must say I’m hooked.  It’s hard to believe how quickly we’ve advanced with this technology.  The concept of in flight Wi-Fi was first introduced in 2006 and became mainstream in 2009.  So what the heck took me so long to try it out?  Anyway, here are some of the highlights: configuration and coding.  Yes, I’m a work junkie and couldn’t resist cleaning up a few things on my projects while cruising at 37,000 feet.

-Netflix & Family Guy.  I’m several seasons behind and needed a good laugh.  Adult cartoons rock.

-Netflix & Wall Street.  Can’t wait to see what the almighty Gordon Gekko has up his sleeve in the sequel to the 1987 classic.  Had to brush up on the original before I see part deux.

-Football.  Unfortunately, my flight Sunday coincided with an afternoon of professional football.  Not to worry, kept me up to date.  Vikings lost, more bad football.

-Didn’t do any chat and figured a Skype call home might be a little disruptive for my seat mates with a two year old in the background screaming “daddy on a plane”!!!!

So what does this mean for business travel productivity?  A lot I’d say.  I’ve got three flights scheduled next week with total air time of about 9 hours.  That’s an entire day for most people.  Because most of our professional work these days requires an Internet connection, we can better utilize our air time and maybe buy back some of that ground time.  Sky Mall magazines no more.  If you all are lucky enough, my next post might literally come to you from the cloud…

Chris Noe