Callie Pastor

Concord, Resource Manager

What is your current role or what are your current project(s) at Concord?

Resource Manager. My primary focus is supporting our consultants.

Where were you born?

Edina, Minnesota

What was your first job?

Professional Sandwich Maker at American Hero, a small sub shop in Edina.  I was 14; making $6 an hour and told my parents it felt good to finally be “financially independent.”  I had no clue.

What is your greatest achievement?

Finishing my first half marathon after years of telling myself I could never do it.

Words to live by?

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

Person in history you would most like to have dinner with?

Either Doris Day, my all time favorite actress or Brett Favre, to convince him to come back for another season with the Vikings (no hate mail, please).

Javier Barberena
Concord Consultant

What is your current role or what are your current project(s) at Concord?

Informatica Architect for WGS (Consumer HUB).

Where were you born?

Managua, Nicaragua (this is in Central America for those that do not know geography very well).

What was your first job?

My parents owned a grocery distribution center and I helped out any time I could. I did not get paid for helping … is this considered a job?  My first paying job was a security guard at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. I held this job when I was working on my undergraduate degree.

What is your greatest achievement?

Learning English, one of the most difficult languages.

Words to live by?

Learn from your mistakes.

Person in history you would most like to have dinner with?

Currently living –  Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Deceased- Albert Einstein.





Concord was recently named one of the Best Places to Work by The Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal.

In order to be eligible for the award, employees of qualified companies needed to complete a web-based survey answering questions regarding the workplace. Concord was a winner within the small business category and will be honored at a luncheon on August 26, 2010 at the Minneapolis Hilton.

This is Concord’s fourth time achieving the Best Places to work accolade from The Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal

To learn more click HERE.


The Concord Foundation luncheon took place on Wednesday, June 9 at Concord’s corporate office. As I walked into the lobby, I was greeted by the three new Concord scholarship recipients, Jenny Ortiz, Stephanie Sanchez-Ortiz and Liban Ashkir. My initial thoughts of the group were of course how nervous they seemed, but also how much they reminded me of Emma, Halima and myself, the 2009 scholarship recipients. They seemed excited and intimidated but very much grateful to have a unique opportunity such as the Concord Foundation presented to them. I remember at our own luncheon thinking how strange it seemed that people we barely knew were ready to invest in and see us through four years of college. The faith everyone had put into us was beyond belief and very much flattering. It gave us a great sense of pride and an extraordinary amount of reassurance that we would reach success in which ever career we pursued.

From meeting with the three new scholarship recipients, I have come to realize that Emma, Halima and I have grown a significant amount as students, employees and individuals. It has not been but two years since it was us at our luncheon. We were high school seniors; naïve to the insignificance of trends and gossip, with nonexistent schedules who transitioned into freshman interns with meetings and deadlines. All together we worked a total of 240 hours, soaking up the fundamentals and concepts behind sales, recruiting and operations of Concord, as well as the importance of time management, relationship building and staying relevant.
We are all excited about the new scholarship recipients and the journey they have ahead of them.

We will eventually get to see them through the experiences of their first days here at Concord, as well as their first year in college. Inexplicitly, I feel that Emma, Halima and I will act as mentors for Jenny, Stephanie and Liban for we are the only ones who have experienced the Concord internship. I can only speak for myself when I say that I am beginning to feel a certain pride and confidence in my job, knowing that I have obtained skills I can pass on to someone else. This certain confidence continues to grow as I gradually get to know everyone. I know that with time I will be as comfortable as can be and obtain even more skills I will hopefully pass on to the future recipients.

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Hey there folks, Chris Noe here again. Today I thought I would step back and reflect on the last 10 years and talk about the Internet, mobile computing, and impact of social media on my personal and professional life. It’s an exercise I encourage you all to go through because it really is amazing to think about how things have progressed over the last 10 years….

10 years ago (2000) –  I picked up my first cell phone. A Sprint PCS brick with amazing clarity. Interestingly enough, it always dropped calls in front of the Sprint world headquarters in Overland Park, KS. All it did was make and receive calls but it was an amazing thing for me at the time. I also landed a programming job at a software company by sending in a paper copy of my resume.


9 years ago (2001) –  Wikipedia is launched. One of the greatest collaborative, non-profit sites on the Internet today. I would hate to be a door to door encyclopedia salesmen in this day and age. Oh yeah, and something called the iPod was released by some fruit company.

8 years ago (2002) – Everest Communications dug a trench in my yard and buried one cable that carried my Internet, phone, and cable television signal. I bought a wireless router…Great, now I can work on my deck.


7 years ago (2003) – I signed up for my eBay account. I haven’t been Christmas shopping in a mall since. I subscribed to the Star Tribune, printed on paper.

6 years ago (2004) – Oracle and PeopleSoft “merge”. Google raises nearly $1.7B with its IPO. Their current market cap is $144B. Google is the first place I go when I need information. It’s hard to believe their simple homepage is the front door to such a vast sea of information.


5 years ago (2005) – Blackberry!!! In hindsight, I should have picked up one of these as well.

Blackberry Helmet

4 years ago (2006) – Google purchases an unprofitable YouTube for $1.65B. YouTube is great humor therapy. YouTube founders Steve and Chad awkwardly celebrate the moment.

Steve & Chad

3 years ago (2007) – I land a job with a premiere software as a service solution provider through a LinkedIn connection.

2 years ago (2008) – Madeline Grace Noe is born. Two phone calls are made to our parents with the news. The rest of the world is alerted via Facebook, Email and Picasa.

1 year ago (2009) – I finally break down and buy an iPhone. What took me so long!!!

2010 – All I really need for survival is my iPhone…I get all my news digitally via Twitter and Google and I have fun conversations with the strib guys when they call my house trying to sell me print news.

-Chris Noe, Director of Cloud Computing